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ABOUT Our Festival


Come celebrate the plant that put our village on the map!

The Rosy Rhubarb Festival was created mainly as a fundraiser for the Keystone Complex. Over twenty five years ago, a small group of people gathered together with the idea to promote our small community of Shedden, and to raise money for a new Community Complex. Every year, on the second weekend in June, we celebrate the plant that put our village on the map. Gardens are lush with ripe rhubarb waiting to be turned into tasty treats for families, friends and visitors.

Get your aprons on, only the best pies, tarts and cakes make it into our annual rhubarb bake-off. Entery and displayed in the community centre, Saturday. Other contests include Biggest Rhubarb Leaf and Biggest Rhubarb Stock.

Which is held across from the information booth, Saturday


Try our Rhubarb Sauce that made us famous! Also try our Rhubarb Salsa, its a real treat for the taste buds. It’s a weekend of fun, community spirit and fundraising all dedicated to the rhubarb plant!


To date Rosy Rhubarb has raised over 1.2 million to help support other initiatives such as these: Landscape and Memorial Forest, the Picnic Pavilion, Playground equipment, Sound System, portable Stage, purchase of the People Mover, upgrades to the Horse Corral, new Bleachers and fundraising for our New Library. We are committed to enhancing the grounds for all age groups. This year another $20,000 has been donated to upgrade the electrical, picnic tables, skating rink and trails.

What does the Festival look like ?
Community yard sales at the residences entice visitors on Saturday morning. On the Complex grounds craft vendors and artisans, food trucks, special interest groups, businesses and others display and sell their wares. Our renowned Rhubarb sauce and ice cream, pies, salsa and memorabilia are readily available.
Contests that include baked rhubarb goodies, largest rhubarb stalk and largest rhubarb leaf. Entertainment for adults and children in the form of country music, dancing, science, face-painting, bouncy castles, petting zoos and a Sunday car show!
Also, check us out on Facebook ~ Rosy Rhubarb Festival

Candy McManiman from Artists of Conservation is the artist who created our beautiful historic mural, in fall 2021. Located on the picnic pavilion

Featuring history from the area, we get a glimpse into the past with how life used to be. Usage of steam engines, wooden bicycles, and women finding more independence

Also, check out the village and find the 5 gables used from homes there in the white design aspect of the mural.


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