New Vendors This 2022 Festival

Filipino Asian Fusion Cuisine - New
Wooden Wonders – New

Sunset Soaps - New.
The Streetery – Food Vendor – New
Thirty-One-Gifts – New
Shaw's Gourmet Dogs – New – Food Vendor

Color Street – New.

Big Dog Smokey Hot Sauce – New
Sweetlegs – New
Watkins – New

Creative Custom Cuts - New

Doll Clothes & Wood - New

Clippity Clop Ice Cream - Shaws Brand - New
Sewfine Quilts – Tote Bags, Tea Cozies, etc. - New

Harvest Hands - New

Jillian Maracle Decor - New

The BrandyWine - New

Lid Up4 Branden - New

Cammy's Natural Creations (in Lavender) - New

That Pup Gear - Pet Decor - New

Oma's Upcycled Tea Party - Vintage Birdhouses and Feeders - New

Custom Designs by Selma - Jewellery,Decor,Candles - New

Dye Sublimation by Karen - T-shirts,Hoodies,Mugs,Glasses - New

New this Fall 2021 and 2022

Take a look at the mural being painted on the picnic pavilion

Candy McManiman from Artists of Conservation is the artist creating our beautiful historic mural.

Featuring history from the area, we get a glimpse into the past with how life used to be. Usage of steam engines, wooden bicycles, and women finding more independence!


Elgin County Cycling History Murals Project is now part of Shedden. The museum is revising the ‘historic cycling routes’
to highlight historic sites. Eventually these routes
will link the new murals together.

To check out more information on the mural project

Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of our mural

If you see Candy painting, make sure you say hello!


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